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Brake Repair and Brake Service

Brake Repair and Brake Service

Comprehensive Brake Care in the Greater Memphis, TN Area

Memphis Brake Repair and Brake Replacement Services

Your brakes are a key safety component of your vehicle. They enable you to reduce the speed of your car or truck quickly and reliably, allowing you to safely navigate traffic lights and turns without striking the car in front. However, poor brake performance can lead to hazardous conditions.

Signs of Brake Issues and Common Warning Signs.

Potential signs that something is wrong with your brakes can include:

  • A high pitched squeaking or rubbing sound
  • A grinding noise may occur when decelerating.
  • The steering column is shaking.
  • The brake pedal has a spongy feel.
  • When braking, your vehicle veers to one side.
  • At highway speeds, your car may exhibit wobbling or vibration.

If brake pads and rotors are worn or broken, they can cause a malfunction in the braking system of your vehicle. To ensure that your brakes are working properly, these have to be replaced if needed.

The brake fluid is responsible for converting the pressure applied on the brake pedal into greater braking force that slows or stops the vehicle. Furthermore, it serves to protect the metallic components of the brake system from corrosion.

Our Memphis Brake Repair Services.

We provide full brake servicing, including inspection and repair, to ensure optimal automotive care.

When checking your brakes, we look at the following items.

  • The thickness of brake pads.
  • The calipers
  • The level and condition of the brake/hydraulic fluid
  • The condition and wear and tear of your brake hoses
  • Brake hardware and brake system components
  • The wear and tear and condition of the rotors

When working on your car, we will supply you with a comprehensive list of necessary repairs and their associated parts and labor costs. These repairs will only be made with your approval.

Driving Behavior and Preventative Maintenance.

Regular maintenance and careful driving habits can help extend the life of your brakes. It is important to service brakes immediately if any symptoms are experienced, and brake fluid should be replaced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Reducing stop and start traffic and keeping a lighter vehicle load can also help lower wear and tear.

How We Can Help At Central Auto Repair in Memphis

At Central Auto Repair, we are dedicated to reshaping the way you think about car repair and service. Through our commitment to our service guarantees and caring for our customers the same way we want to be treated, our goal is to always go above and beyond what you expect from an automotive repair shop. This commitment includes:

  • Certified Technicians.
  • Complimentary Shuttle Service.*
  • Free Courtesy Inspection Offered On Every Visit.
  • Complimentary WIFI and Beverages.

*Complimentary shuttle service available up to three or five miles of theshop. Contact our shop for more details

Most Important Benefit We Offer

We strive to provide the best customer experience by partnering with our guests. Every vehicle we care for is treated like our own. Our Service Team thoroughly informs customers about the repair process and we will never perform any service or repairs without receiving consent. Additionally, we only suggest necessary services and repairs.

Ready to schedule a brake service? We’re ready to hear from you. Call our team at Central Auto Repair today!

All Services We Provide

Front OR Rear Brakes Service

$ 399 99
  • This cost includes Rotors, Pads, and Labor (most vehicles)

Front OR Rear Brakes Service

$ 449 99
  • This cost includes Rotors, Pads, and Labor (most vehicles)
memphis brake repair and brake replacement services
memphis brake repair and brake replacement services
brake pad and rotor brake repair service memphis

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We service All Makes and Models

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